I am a HUGE fan of Food52 so you can only imagine my excitement that Drinks52 Is Here - YAY!

You may have noticed something new around here (and on Instagram!). We're thrilled to share: Today marks the launch of our brand-new hub for all things sippable, Drinks52.

Drinks52 is a place for recipes and stories about great drinks, from your morning latte (or juice, or hot water with lemon—you do you) to the digestif you stir together after a good meal.

Here, you’ll find practical guides to all the best wines and beers, roundups of alcoholic and nonalcoholic favorites alike, and a drinks menu-planner for when you’re in need of some inspiration. But we’ll also focus on those rituals in our homes and lives that surround what we drink: the warmth and joy of gathering with loved ones, the quiet intimacy of a coffee date with a close friend, the nightly tradition of enjoying a lil' something while we wind down and cook.

The way we see it, Drinks52 is for the:

  • Casual: The only “right” drink is the one you like best—cocktails, teas, ferments, and beyond. We’ve got something for everyone.

  • Curious: With the help of our Residents, columnists, and community, we’ll keep you in the know about drinking culture, history, and trends.

  • Social: Look to us for advice and ideas around drinking and entertaining at home; we’ll be here with tips galore.

In other words, Drinks52 is for you.

Whatever you’re drinking, we hope you’ll save us a sip,

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