GOOP Gets us!!

GOOP Gets us!!

San Francisco is a rare gem that, by virtue of its topography, encourages you to experience the city from the outside in. Public murals, hidden stairways, breathtaking vistas, and out-of-nowhere pop-ups in beer gardens you’ve never heard of propel you across bridges, over hills, and down steep trails. So much of the buzz usually rooted in the heart of a metropolis—restaurants, exhibitions, store opening—has migrated to the not-so-sleepy-anymore suburbs. To get inside San Francisco, you have to go outside.

In the spirit of falling in love with the Golden City afresh, this guide is a celebration of what’s new and an ode to what’s still great in San Francisco.

This is nothing new to those of us who already live here but its always fun to discover in our own city!  Click here for some new inspo! New Things To Do In SF

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